consultancy studio dedicated to promote design and architecture


Dedicated to design

Labóh is a boutique consultancy studio dedicated to develop and manage communication and business relations for design and architecture. We work for international manufacturers and brands, as well as for professional studios and institutions, providing services from brand strategy, events and PR, to sales  relationships management. Our clients say “you are like one of us, but with the difference that you like to promote and storytelling around our work, we are not good in doing it, even if we definitely do need it”.

Our arena

Specialized in design-related projects

Labóh team has been working in the creative communication market for over fifteen years and we joined together thanks to a great passion for architecture, design and visual communication in all their diverse expressions. We smoothly managed together PR, contents creation and sales relationships management for a highly effective development of new business, together with a coherent brand reputation. Initially it was difficult to explain what we were doing, so came the idea to call us ironically ‘La’ agency ‘Bóh (Ed. "bóh" is a typical italian exclamation, a kind of "who knows?")


Relations: communication meets business

Our approach is innovative. After several years working in communication we discovered that design and architecture needed a mix of practices and skills difficult to find in common agencies. Our mission, joining culture and business together, is to generate initiatives that immediately achieve competitive advantages for all the parts involved. Our clients encharge Labóh from long-term communication strategies, representation and promotion, or for one-off projects, launches and events.